Horses Before The Carts

Heavy Duty Industrial Saw Horses

Our sawhorses are built from lightweight and extremely strong T5 tempered aluminum extrusions, connected without welding.

Every HBTC saw horse we build is customized to the needs of the user, any height, any length, with engineered load-ratings that might surprise you! HBTC saw horses have been engineerdesigned, and independently tested to destruction to ensure their real-life performance far exceeds their design load ratings.

More details on how and why we build sawhorses for the world.


Standard Saw Horse

Standard Sawhorses

7400 lb per Pair

Our standard 32" HBTC saw horse has a safe working load limit of 1500 pounds each sawhorse for center point loads and 3,700 pound for distributed loads. This sawhorse weighs just under 50 pounds, for an amazing load to weight ratio of up to 74:1!  Imagine up to 7,400 pounds* on a pair of sawhorses.

Our aluminum has a permanent clear anodized finish which never deteriorates - keeps the sawhorses looking like new forever.

HBTC sawhorses come with color-matched top cap and end caps made of high-density polyethylene, for durability and great performance. Blue is standard. Red, white and yellow are available at no extra charge. Special colors are available at an extra cost.

Need something more, or something different in a sawhorse? We have supplied our customers with some pretty odd sizes.

Do you need something different? Height? Length? Load? Built-in load jigs. We can come up with a solution.

Need inspiration? Take a look at our gallery of custom saw horses.

Six legged sawhorse rated at 32000 lbs per pair.

Custom Saw Horses

32000 lb per Pair

An example of custom sawhorses we built for a customer. Rated to carry a maximum uniformily distributed load of 32,000 pounds  for the pair, the concentrated load rating is 10,000 pounds per pair.

Tall sawhorse. 50 inches wide x 6 feet tall.

Custom Saw Horses

6 Feet Tall

In another instance, one client needed 3 sawhorses that were 50" long (standard) by 6 feet tall!  No problem for Horses Before the Carts.  We built them and Engineer stamped them with ratings of 2500 pounds per pair maximum mid-span concentrated load and 6600 pounds per pair maximum uniformally distributed load.

Check out our gallery of saw horses for examples that we have built. 

We also have our saw horse user manual available for reference.

The Purchasing Manager for one of our customers, a manufacturer of sophisticated engine components, told us "I buy about 1,000 different items every month, and these sawhorses are better quality than 99.9 percent of all the items I purchase."

* - Many of our competitors only provide a rating for the distributed load case. We think this distinction is important enough that we created an explanation of the differences between a point load centre rating and distributed load rating.

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