Horses Before The Carts


Item Description Cost
Standard Sawhorses. Standard horse measures 32 Inches high by 50 Inces long, c/w high-density polyethylene cap rail and end caps, rated for 3000 lbs per pair.Request a quote
Custom Sawhorses. What do you need? Longer, shorter, taller? Let us know, and its done! See our gallery of custom saw horses for examples.Request a quote
Industrial Carts. Standard cart measures 32 x 24 X 10 Inches high. Comes with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cover plate, one Control Post. Standard cart is rated for 2,000 pound loads. Wheels shipped unattached. Engineering stamp available.Request a quote
Cart Accessories
Extra Control Post Assembly, and Option to specify color of HDPE trim and top cover.Request a quote
Spill Saver assembly. (3 pieces of 12 x 4 x 1/2 Inch HDPE c/w mounting screws) mount easily to sides of cart to help keep loads from spilling.Request a quote
Other Products
Packaging Dispensing Cart ThumbnailPackaging Dispensing, measures 48 x 72, by 70 Inches high. This cart will hold two rolls of packaging materials, to maximum weight of 200 lbs in totalRequest a quote
A-Frame Cart Thumbnail PictureA-Frame Panel Cart, measures 48 x 72 by 60 Inches high. Originally built to move glass, this cart is rated to Load Rated to 4000 pounds.Request a quote
Panel Cart Thumbnail PictureFlat Panel Cart, measures 48 x 72 by 12 Inches high. Load rated to 4000 pounds. Comes with four control posts.Request a quote

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