Horses Before The Carts

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Our sawhorses are built from lightweight and extremely strong T5 tempered aluminum extrusions, connected without welding.

Every Standard and Customized HBTC saw horse we build is engineered with the needs of the user in mind. We can customize HBTC to any height, any length, and supply engineered load-ratings that might surprise you! HBTC saw horses have been engineered and independently tested to destruction to ensure their real-life performance far exceeds their design load ratings.

More details on how and why we build sawhorses for the world.

How They're Built:

Our sawhorses and carts are built from Mechanically Fastened T5 tempered aluminum extrusions,

We heard from one of customers "Our Health & Safety Committee advised us we had to stop using wood saw horses because they weren't strong enough for the loads we put on them. We made our own out of steel, but they were so heavy our men could only move them with a forklift. Your aluminum saw horses were the perfect choice."

HBTC is Stronger than wood, lighter than steel: adding improved safety to material handling in your facility.

Now it's time for you to try them in your warehouse or plant, using our no-risk "Try It - You'll Like It" program.

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